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How to do OES ONE Ecosystem Deployment to Polygon With Euro

 ONE Ecosystem Deployment

ONE Ecosystem deployment is a process where we migrate our existing ETH Blockchain based OES account to polygon blockchain.

In simple words we are switching our OES account from private blockchain to public blockchain.

Here is the step by step process for OES deployment.

Step 1 Do KYC

 KYC is initial step for deployment. If your KYC is already verified then you can switch for the second step.

Otherwise you need 2 valid ID and Address documents for KYC verification. 

ID documents can be National ID cards like Aadhar Card, Voter ID card, Passport etc. Address Proso can be the same including Water bill, Gas bill, electricity bill, Government document etc.

Submit these documents properly and your KYC will be approve within 5 to 10 days. After successful approval switch to second step.

Step 2 Purchase Cash Euro

 In this step purchase cash Euro. These Euro can be purchased by company by sending email to support and account department.

Company will send you USDT or BTC address for payment and Euro will be credited to your respected account.

If you find this process difficult then contact nearby leader or contact with Asset Guuide YouTube channel host for the help.

Step 3 Do Payment confirmation

 As soon as Euros are credited to your account, you will get the option to deploy. Here you will get the option to make payment. Select your preferred payment method and make the payment.

A special thing here is that you can pay 50% of the fees even with ONE token. The company may take an hour or two to confirm the payment of your fees.

After successful payment of fee, you will be shown the next step button.

Step 4 Transfer Account

In the next step you will get an option of Transfer Current Account. Click on that option and transfer the account. 

After this you will see a message of transfer in process. It takes approximately 12 to 24 hours to complete.

During this process your coins are transferred from the Ethereum blockchain to the Polygon blockchain.

And with this process, your account gets deployed on the Polygon blockchain.

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