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24K Gold With 100% ONE Payment

Can we purchase Gold with 100% ONE payment in upcoming days. Here is the fact explained with latest social media news. Gold Deal will be announced by the official ONE Ecosystem media sources like YouTube channel, Instagram channel, or Official NewsLetter.

24K Gold With 100% ONE Payment

Here we can see that the person is claiming Gold deals with 100% ONE payment. But he is not an official ONE Ecosystem media person.

He is claiming that ONE company have done some tie up with swiss Gold manufacturing company. But this is not real and official.

In last few days people are sharing old and fake screenshots.

This circulating news is also 1 month old and we are not seeing any positive feedback from the buyers.

What is Original News of Gold With ONE Payment

  • Company will announce through its social media channels.
  • company will announce it on it's newsroom episode.  
  • ONE Ecosystem CEO will announce himself like DSP exchange.
  • It will come to viewers by company's official newsletter.

Is it possible to purchase Gold WIth ONE Payment

If company will provide details and offers some trustworthy merchants then in news few months we can see 100% ONE payment deals for Gold Exchange. But company have to provide ONE to USDT exchange through DSP pool.

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