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What About Cryptocurrency ONE OES Makes IMA Proud

Cryptocurrency ONE OES is adding new chapter in the history of digital currency. Initially in 2014 a company was started with the vision of educating world's population about crypto.

They offer various education packages for taking basic to advance knowledge about crypto and finance. Through these educational packages crypto rokens ONE were offered to the IMAs. 

cryptocurrency ONE OES 6 major achievements


ONE tokens can be used for mining OES cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency ONE OES

So as we know ONE or OES is generated by the mining of promotional ONE tokens. And after mining these ONE OES coins can be used on DealShaker and other ONE Ecosystem affiliated networks like ONE VITA, ONE foundation, ONE Voyage etc.

As most of the coins are used on DealShaker eCommerce platform, it is also called eCommerce coin. In some reason, where crypto is banned we can use alternate DSCP or DealShaker eCommerce points. 

These are similar to promotional shopping points.

So, all this was about cryptocurrency ONE OES. Now we will see what OES achieved till the date. Because OneEcosystem is running since last 9 years and ONE Ecosystem members has seen many ups and downs.

1- Registered on CoinMarketCap

cryptocurrency ONE OES 6 major achievements


Cryptocurrency ONE OES is now registered on CoinMarketCap. Coinmarketcap is world largest cryptocurrency tracking index.

Registration on Coinmarketcap was not so easy but as many hatters always argue with this point. ONE is finally on and anyone can verify.

And all this is finally happened because of OES public blockchain deployment.

2- Blockchain Polygon Supported

OES is now using Decentralized blockchain named polygon blockchain. Actually initially company used it's own private blockchain. 

Cryptocurrency ONE OES Makes IMA Proud


Which was not accessible for outsiders. System was using ETH private blockchain. But finally, as per crypto rules and regulation company added polygon blockchain.

Now Cryptocurrency ONE OES is deployed to Polygon Blockchain. Polygon blockchain is completely transparent and fast and secure as per international crypto rules.

3- More than 3.8 million users are ONE OES holders

ONE has more then 3.8 million active ONE Holders. This number makes it largest cryptocurrency in the world. Holders makes it stronger compared to other crypto.

4-9 years on the market

Many people saying that ONE is fake. But keep in mind that ONE is running since last 9 years. And no scam can stand more than 1 or 2 years.

And ONE Ecosystem is staying and progressing since last 9 years.

5- Half payment from feb 2017

Since last 2017 ONE is being used on DealShaker platform with 50% ONE payment for Online shopping. People can purchase almost products and services from the DealShaker platform.

In India many merchants have sold Gold, Cars, Flat, Clothes, etc with ONE Payment.

6- Current public price 45.29 USD

Current price of cryptocurrency ONE OES is 45.29 USD. And this price is not within the system only. Anyone can check this on Coinmarketcap and coingecko terminals.

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