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One Ecosystem Official Pages

 One Ecosystem is the oldest and only crypto project that offer educational module and crypto payment shopping system with fiat combination.

People can use ONE Academy for taking education on crypto and finance. They can use DealShaker for online shopping with ONE Payment along with fiat payment.

ONE VITA, ONE Vyoga, ONE Foundation all are the part of unique ONE Ecosystem project.

Here ONE Education packages provide promotional tokens these tokens can be converted into OES or ONE Coins through mining.

After mining these coins can be used on DealShaker for doing various shopping. Even people purchased Gold and Car with their ONE and Fiat currency payment.

Merchant who receive ONE payment can deposit their coins to DS Pool system for 12 months. After 12 months period these coins converted in to USDT or EURO. 

Merchants can withdrawal these USDT to their wallet and Then Bank accounts.

But the question is how a new or unknown person verify these on different main stream webpages or websites. 

Suppose OES is being traded on Uniswap V3 exchange against USDT. SO how can anyone verify OES/USDT pair on uniswap.

So today I am sharing some official pages and links where people can verify their links.

ONE Ecosystem Official Pages

The list of ONE Ecosystem official pages is given below:

  • ONE Ecosystem
  • PolygonScan
  • Coinmarketcap
  • Gecko Terminal
  • DEX Screener

ONE Ecosystem Official Pages Clickable Links

ONE Ecosystem 

ONE Ecosystem official Page 

 AVE.AI DATA Technology Pvt Ltd is a Singapore based Decentralized on-chain data platform. It collects data from top 60 blockchains and provide candlestick chart pattern to the users for trading and investing.

Polygon SCAN  

PolygonScan OneCOin Blockchain


Gecko Terminal

ONE Ecosystem coin gecko terminal live trading


Coin Market Cap 

Coinmarketcap OES official page listing oes usdt trading

Coin Market Cap OES/USDT

ONE Ecosystem OES USDT Live Trading

 DEX Screener 

This website can be checked and verified on by the following link.

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