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DealShaker Laptop Deals With 50 Percent ONE Payment

 Dear viewers we are glad to inform you about DealShaker laptop deals with 50% ONE Payment. Actually all this is happening because of the DS Pool initiative. 

DSP is a system where merchant get ONE to USDT exchange after 12 months from the date of locking ONE or OES.

DealShaker Laptop Deals With 50 Percent ONE Payment

DealShaker Laptop Deals With 50 Percent ONE Payment

As you can see the current deal. Here merchant is selling Laptops with 40% DCP. DCP is DealShaker Credit Point. 

Actually these are ecommerce points. And will be used in countries where Cryptocurrency is not considered either Asset or Currency.

Most recent country for this is China. Because Crypto is completely banned here. And merchants used DSCP points for buying and selling products and services.

I DSCP price is similar to 1 OES.

How Merchant Exchange ONE with Euro

Merchants deposit their ONE to DealShaker Pool for 12 months as per company policy. Actually, after 12 months period ONE will become USDT and returned to the ONE Ecosystem wallet.

Where merchants can withdraw them to their crypto wallet or Exchange wallet. From exchange anyone can withdraw these usdt to their local bank account.

In India people are facing heavy tax on Income received from crypto business. Indian government set net 30% Tax on crypto business income.

Upcoming Laptop Deals For Indian Users

As per the information received from our source, many more merchants are ready to launch their deals with 100% OES payments.

These merchants are just waiting for the active DSP conversion. After receiving reviews from the customers and merchants on successful DSP exchange many more merchants will launch their deals on DealShaker platform.

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