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What is OES Polygon Deployment [ Need And Importance ]?

 What Is OES Polygon Deployment?

OES Profile deployment is a process of switching OneLife account from Ethereum Private blockchain to Polygon Public Blockchain. 

Now you may be worried about switching account. It may be public on ETH blockchain also. Yes you are absolutely right. Ethereum blockchain can also be public.

But as per the time demand, legal authority in various reason demand, and business requirement demand Polygon blockchain is much better than Ethereum blockchain.

And this is the reason Polygon is chosen to transfer accounts of OneLife members.

Why Profile Deployment is Needed?

As we all know DealShaker is the final eCommerce exchange of OneLife network or ONE Ecosystem. So, products will be sold on this for generating revenue from the system and for the system.

All ONE members want to utilize their coins for exchanging products and currencies with ONE. So, if their account will not be on Polygon, they will miss all the benefits.

Hence OES profile deployment is compulsary.

What is the importance of OES Profile Deployment?

OES profile deployment will provide more transaction speed, transparency, low cost. Polygon blockchain offer 60,000 transactions per seconds.

This speed is much better for eCommerce business like product buying and selling. It enhance the buyer and seller experience.

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