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Karl Greenwood in Jail OneCoin News Impact on OES Network

 Dr Ruja Ignatova created a cryptocurrency named OneCoin. This OneCoin was introduced to the world through MLM scheme. Person behind this MLM was Karl Greenwood. Greenwood was also known as the right hand of Dr Ruja Ignatova.

Currently Dr Ruja is in FBI's top 10 Most wanted list and she is disappearing herself since 2018. She was spotted last time while taking her flight to Greece in 2018.

Karl Greenwood was arrested from Thailand and US high court was looking his case. He was found guilty of $4 Billion scam under money laundering, wire fraud and cheating people with fake project.

Now he was imposed a heavy fine including 20 years in prison. This news has been running in the media for the last several days and it was also covered by big newspapers of India like Hindustan Times.

Greenwood Arrest Impact on OES [ONE Ecosystem]

Karl Greenwood OneCoin Impact on OES Network


People are connected with OES network. Which is the upgraded version of OneCoin. Recently OES network is shiffted to the polygon blockchain network from Ethereum private blockchain.

Now all IMA connected to the OneCoin or ONE are looking for their money locked with the network.

So, lets check what will happened to the money people invested in OneCoin. Is it safe or not?

Money was in OneCoin OES is Different Company

 When the FBI released the list of its top ten most wanted criminals, a statement came from the current CEO. He said we have no relation with ONECOIN and Dr Ruja.

OES is different company. And as we all know Dr Ruja is charged with $4B US Dollar. This means money invested with OneCoin is disappeared with Ruja.

 Now hopping that OES will exchange money is worthless. No money is looking comes out directly without any product sale.


People Will Earn and Exchange if They Sell Something

 OES CEO already told that if people will sell products with ONE then they will get their USDT exchange through DSP.

 Here people have to hold their eCommerce coin for 1 year atleast. So, if you are thinking that your coins available in OneLife are to exchange with fiat. You are wrong.


No ONE Will Be Converted to USDT Directly

 If you sell the product and that too to people who are not part of the system, only then the company will get money. 

And this is the only means by which you can exchange coins otherwise your tokens will remain tokens in any way in the world.

 If you are thinking that we will be able to exchange coins lying in our OneLife wallet after some time, then you are wrong, this is never going to happen.

There is No Exchange in New OES Network

The new company is completely different from the old one and it has not taken any money from you. Here some fees have been charged from you in the name of blockchain development.

The new company is not providing you any kind of exchange service, this is not in its business model.

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