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DealShaker Physical Shop In Asia For Shopping With ONE Payment

 DealShaker Physical Shop In Asia For Shopping With ONE Payment: Friends, till now you have rarely seen the physical stores of all the products you have purchased through online shopping.

Because most of the company runs their business from remote areas and they run it by warehouse not from the shop. In some cases drop shipping companies delivered products directly from the factory to the customers.

 DealShaker is the world's first and largest eCommerce platform that offer products and services with combination of ONE and fiat currency.

Till now thousands of merchants are selling products and services with ONE payment through their own business spot or local shop. 

But now things are going to change because DealShaker is going to open DealShaker physical shop in various locations in Asia.

Recently the company has announced this through its official newsletter.

DealShaker Physical Shop In Asia For Shopping With ONE Payment location in India

Enjoy Digital And Physical Shopping

The company has talked about physical and digital shopping in its news letter. Which means that along with online digital shopping, you can now also do physical shopping by going to the store.

This is going to give many benefits to the people like whether the item is right or not, this type of doubt will be removed.

Because now you can go to the shop and check the goods and if you find it right then you can buy it by making ONE payment.

Benefit of Physical Shopping Through DealShaker

  • Customers will get real time experience and enhance experience through visiting physical stores.
  • DealShaker Exchange will improve because people can directly exchange ONE to fiat through DealShaker shop.
  • Trust will be high.
  • More merchants will connect through DealShaker.
  • Physical store will attract more merchants.

DealShaker Exchange

 In present time, someone can withdrawal money from his/her bank account through any pay app like Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pe etc from any nearest Kirana Store or CSC center, or any retail store.

This is becomming possible through digital payment service. And the same thing will happen with the DealShaker store. Because ONE payment is digital payment and anyone can do it by with DealShaker App or ONE app.

Easy Return Service

 Currently, any item purchased from Dealshaker has to be returned to the merchant's official address. But when Dealshaker's physical shops become available in the future, we will be able to return the goods by physically visiting them also.

Best Quality

 Most start in a physical store before shipping and are then moved online. But Dealshaker first came into the world through online platform and now its physical stores are going to be built in Asia.

This will improve the quality of business in some way because making physical setup is also a parameter of quality.

Reliability Will Increased 

 When we hear about any online company or talk to someone, the first question the person asks us is where is its office.

The reason behind which is that most frauds take place in the online world and if the office of a company becomes stylish then the chances of fraud are reduced and people's trust increases.

More Merchant Will Connect

When a business has a physical store, unfamiliar merchants connect with that business just by looking at it.

For example, you can take the business of Amazon flipkart. In the initial days of Hindi companies, he has created a huge empire from a physical store.


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