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[ Twitter ] X Got Cryptocurrency Wallet License For Crypto Payment on Social Media Platform

 Social media platform X, which we knew before Twitter, has now got the license of crypto currency wallet. Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter and changed its name, changes are being seen here.

The news that payment transactions can be done through cryptocurrency on social media platforms was coming long ago but now its license has been taken by Elon Musk.

[ Twitter ] X Got Cryptocurrency Wallet License

Elon Musk is the owner of a special company that sends satellites into space and currently they are trying to establish human settlement on Mars.

Elon Musk is also the owner of Tesla company and as we all know Tesla is the world's largest and most powerful car manufacturing company.

Sometime back when Lon Mask tweeted a tweet on twitter it was just deleted for some reason. After this, Elon Musk said in a second tweet that I am thinking of buying Twitter.

And after some time Elon Musk bought Twitter after that he changed its name to X. Elon Musk is a big investor in crypto currency, that is why he applied for the license of crypto wallet to integrate cryptocurrency payments on social media platform X.

Twitter X Crypto Wallet License


At present, social media platform X has got the license of crypto currency. After some time, you can integrate crypto wallet on X.

Now you can send crypto payments to your fans on biggest social media platform X which was formally known as Twitter.

X Cryptocurrency Wallet License Country

BSC News website also verify this fact through an article recently published on their social media platform.

Twitter X Crypto Wallet License

Twitter has got the license for crypto currency. This news is covered in all the major social media platforms of the world.

The general world is going to get a lot of benefits from this, which we will mention further. Now let us know in which country the X has been given this recognition.

License is given by the US for operating crypto payment services like transfer, trade, store BTC, Crypto and NFTs on X in US.

What License Is Obtained by Twitter X

 You all want to know what kind of cryptocurrency license the social media platform. You might be wondering whether Twitter has got the license of exchange or only the license of wallet or only the license of payment transfer.

Rhode Island Currency Transmitter License was approved to X on August 28.

X Cryptocurrency Wallet License Currency

 All cryptocurrency will be accepted through this wallet license. Dogecoin may get more attention because ElonMusk's fans have some emotional connection with it.

X users now can use: 

  • Bitcoin tipping
  • NFTs Receving
  • Crypto Payments
  • Crypto Fan Funding
  • Crypto Transfer
  • BTC and Crypto Holding

Why License Was Compulsory

 The Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States is responsible for keeping the funds of its citizens safe, so if you want to do business in cryptocurrency, it is very important to get a license there.

Elon Musk wanted to add a cryptocurrency payment system on Twitter, he had tweeted this many times before, that is why the United States Government had made this license compulsory for him.

Official information is yet to come about what type of cryptocurrency service will be provided on Twitter, but still we can see that the arrangement for crypto transaction and crypto storage will be done exclusively.

Benefit for Users

    • Can receive airdrop directly to their X wallet.
    • Can trade crypto safely.
    • no need to create trading account.
    • Low cost transaction.
    • Crypto price will surge soon.



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