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OneCoin Master Card ATM Money Withdrawal Fact Check

OneCoin is a cryptocurrency launched by Dr Ruja Ignatova back in 2014. Later OneCoin was converted to OneLife network. 

During initial days XCOINX exchange was widely used to convert OneCoin to other cryptocurrency and fiat currencies. 

OneCoin Master Card was launched by the OneLife network company for withdrawing money from ATM machine. Mostly China users were fasciliates with this opportunity in the early days. 

This OneCoin master card was used to withdrawal cash from the ATM for exchanging of OneCoin. Later this programme wa stopped by the company. 

There were so many ups and downs in the OneCoin company. Recently OneCoin was rebranded to ONE Ecosystem. DealShaker, OneForex, OneAcademy also appearing in their new look.  

OneCoin Master Card ATM Money Withdrawal

Initially, in China people used to withdraw fiat from ATM with OneCoin master card. That time people recorded some videos and shared through their social media platforms like FB, WhatsApp and YouTube. 

This was really an amazing news for every OneCoin holder. 

Current Situation

In present time OneCoin is rebranded to ONE Ecosystem. Now OneCoin is ONE which is completely decentralized and blockchain used for decentralization is Polygon Blockchain.

OneCoin Master Card ATM Money Withdrawal Facts

Some leaders and scammers sharing old videos and claiming that you can withdraw fiat money from ATM machine using  ONE ATM card.

Company has not announced such master card in their newsletter. So, be cations when someone share old videos regarding ONE to fiat conversion like ATM Withdrawal or Fiat conversion.

If someone introduces ONE ecosystem with claiming upcoming exchange than that is completely false news. Company is not saying about exchange.

Nobody can convert their ONE to fiat through DealShaker, ONE Forex and ATM Machines in present time.

ONE Ecosystem Upcoming Projects

DealShaker Merchant Pool

DealShaker merchant pool is a system where merchants can convert their ONE in to fiat Euro while some buyer from out side ONE Ecosystem will buy products or services from the DealShaker merchant.

Merchant for becoming eligible for DealShaker Fiat conversion pool should have active deal with atleast 30% ONE and 60% Fiat deal.

Merchants having deals with less that 30% ONE are not eligible for fiat conversion pool.

So, keep in mind DealShaker Merchant pool is not a way to convert ONE in to Fiat directly within the system.

ONE Forex

ONE Forex is a long awaited tool being launched by the ONE Ecosystem. In this tool people can purchase signal monthly subscriptions for being profitable in their crypto trading pairs like BTC USDT, ETH USDT, BTC ETH, etc.

ONE Forex does not provide any direct trading platform for the ONE Ecosystem members for trading. So, no one can convert their ONE into fiat with ONE Forex.


ONE Vita is a cosmetic products buying platform with ONE Ecosystem branding. Here ONE Members and non ONE Members can buy ONE VITA cosmetic products with 50% ONE Payments.


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