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ONE Accepted By 25 MBBS Doctors At The Service of ONE Ecosystem

ONE Ecosystem Token ONE accepted by 25 MBBS Doctors At The Service of ONE Ecosystem in Ecuatorians region for all nationals and foreigners. Actually, ONE is a merchant token which is used by DealShaker eCommerce platform for buying and selling goods and services.

Recently, we noticed Hotel points with 75% ONE payment and 25% cash payment for whole world. Now ONE will be used for health care services. Senior doctors are including ONE payment service for their treatment.

ONE Accepted By 25 MBBS Doctors For Healthcare Service


Health service is like a boon of ONE Ecosystem to the OneLife family. You can use ONE cryptocurrencies for taking healthcare services. Ecuatorians citizens can take advantages in their own countries.

While other nationals have to visit the country and take appointment for their treatment.

Raul Pazos With Doctors At The Service of ONE Ecosystem

25 Doctors at the Service of ONE Ecosystem

List of 25 Doctors At The Service of ONE Ecosystem

  • Dr Mario Vargas General Surgeon
  • Dr. Antonio Rojas Gyneco Obstetrician
  • DR Ernesto Mantilla Traumatology and Orthopedics
  • Dr Alexander Sanchez General Medical Officer
  • Dr Wilson Bridge . Gynecologist
  • Dr. Paulina Avalos Radiagnostic and Images Dr. Ivonne Gisselle Psychiatry Heaps.
  • Dr. Lupe Nicolalde Pediatrics. Dr. Myriam Bridges. Plastic Surgery. Dr. Lucia Family Medical Bridge. Dr. William Bridge General Surgery
  • Dr. Israel Costales Urology
  • Dr Fernanda Rosero Urology
  • Dr Lisbeth Tatiana Almeida Traumatology.
  • Dr Darwin Mauricio Cortez Deportologist .
  • Dr. Rommel Ojeda General Surgery.
  • Dr. Cristina Carrillo Dermatology.
  • Dr. Carla Elizabeth Padilla Nutritionist Dietitian.
  • Dra Farah Paintings Ulloa Dermatology and Psychology.
  • Dr. Paola Perez Sexology.
  • Dr. Carla Navarro Nutritionist
  • Dr. Carolina Sant Mary. Pediatric Surgery
  • Guido Campoverde Obtometers
  • Edwin Campoverde. John XXIII Opticians
  • DRA Mayra Paliz the podiatrist.

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