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DealShaker Fiat Conversion Pool For Merchants

Good News for all ONE Ecosystem Members( Formally OneCoin ). Company recently announce DealShaker fiat conversion pool for merchants. According to this announcement merchants will be able to convert their ONE (OneCoin) to fiat currency and also they will be able to withdrawal ONE to their Bank Accounts.

How Will DealShaker Fiat Conversion Pool For Merchants Work

DealShaker is a global e_Commerce platform for merchants and customers. Merchants will sell their goods and services with ONE + Fiat combination at attractive price compared to other platforms.

People around the world will used DealShaker for purchasing products and services. They will need ONE for purchasing deals. This is the golden opportunity for ONE merchants for converting their ONE with fiat.

Public around the world needs products and service but they don’t have ONE. ONE is secured with ONE holders and they will exchange it on DealShaker for public use.

DealShaker Availability

Dealshaker is an e-commerce website with a reach of 193 countries in the world. From here you can purchase all the products and services you need. This is the world’s first e-commerce platform where you can buy products using your local currency with crypto payment.

On this platform, merchants from India and all countries of the world place deals for their products and services and customers buy them. Most of the merchant offering 50% ONE and 50% Fiat Deal on DealShaker platform.

DealShaker is an important component of ONE Ecosystem. ONE Ecosystem has Polygon Based Public blockchain with level 2 security. Which provide more security and speed compared to the other crypto networks.

DealShaker fiat conversion pool for merchants will increase the demand of this entire network. ONE demand will also increase in future. One day in future DealShaker may compete with Amazon website for online shopping. This is just wondering me about that while writing the article. Hope the day will come soon.

DealShaker Fiat Conversion Pool For Merchants

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