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ONE Forex Trading App [ Complete Information]

ONE Forex Trading app is one of the most demanding part of our ONE Ecosystem. Actually, ONE Forex will provide trading opportunity along with OneForex learning to the community members.

If you will enroll in ONE Forex learning you may b able to minimise your risks up to 25%. Generally, Forex is a 50-50 market. But Forex i the largest trading market available in the world.

It has more than 5 Trillian trading volume per day and majority of Central Banks are the big players of Forex market.


ONE Forex is the next upcoming module of ONE Ecosystem. So, many of IMA’s are waiting for it. Right now people feel that after the launch of Forex, many of their problems will be solved.

The biggest problem for most of the members of the ONE Ecosystem is that their cryptocurrency is being used by someone in some way. And ONE Forex will provide fascility to purchase forex trading package with ONE + Fiat combination.

Also, after trading people will be able to withdrawal their profit to their bank account as other forex broker doing right now.

So, If your main target is to use your ONE then ONE Forex is not the only solution. You can us ON on DealShaker as well for product exchange. Many merchants are selling goods and services with ONE on DealShaker.

Even people are buying Gold, Car, Tractor, Bike, cloths from DealShaker with 50% ONE and 50% Fiat currency.

Misconceptions of ONE Forex

Many people are dreaming that forex will provide exchange feature to the IMA. And o many other misconceptions are as well. Today, will provide you a little bit information to you about it.

ONE will not be traded on Forex with Other Currency

If you think ONE will be traded on ONE forex then you are wrong. It is not going to happen. Forex market is a place where foreign currencies are traded with each others.

ONE is a medium to purchase forex education package with 50% ONE and 50% Fiat combination. And ONE Forex will be a forex broker for trading currencies.

You will be able to purchase forex trading education package with the help of ONE for trading nothing else.

ONE will not be withdrawal from ONE Forex

Many people are thinking that they will be able to withdrawal ONE from the Forex account. It is not like that. ONE Forex i a broker account and you will be able to withdrawal profit from the trading.

ONE Forex is Not ONE Exchange

Many of the innocent member are thinking that ONE Forex will provide exchange facility. People will deposit ONE to the ONE Forex and then thy will withdrawal them back to their bank account.

Thi is not going to be happen. So, please don’t do day dreaming. Only focus on educating your self for better future and trust the process.

ONE Forex Trading App Alternatives List

Friends, if you do not have anything to do with the exchange and you want to trade only and only then we will also provide some alternative options for you.

You can keep yourself on using these applications until ONE Forex is launched.

  1. FXTM
  2. OctaFX
  3. IQ Option App
  4. MX App
  5. iForeX App
  6. XM App
  7. Olymp Trade App
  9. Angel Broking App
  10. 5 Paisa App
  11. Kotak Stock Trading App

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