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ONE Community Misconceptions [Don't be Deceived]

In this article we will read all ONE Community Misconceptions. The company was started to educate people about blockchain technology, finance and crypto. And it was initiated by a multi level marketing platform.

Did very good business doing some big networks and created a huge empire. But in the race to network, the leaders forgot to introduce the reality. And people influenced each other in their own way and added to the network.

At present, all the members of ONE community are facing the problem of lack of information. If you have any such problem then we will try to clear all your misconceptions here.

Here we have collected the questions going on in the minds of different people through questions and answers and tried to provide solutions by listing them. Hope you will definitely understand our point and we will give some advice to you. hope for better.

ONE Community Misconceptions


Why one will not come on exchange ?

Every crypto in market is only depending on trading, there is no such usability.. cryptocurrency real intention is to change the payment method and usability in real world….

Do u accept any crypto coin fluctuates 10 to 15% day. ? Any merchant come forward to accept ?

6 to 7 months ago if u have accepted any crypto today value 60% to 70% down,,,

Crypto introduced to the world intension is future inflation issue and banking frauds, change the payment system …

Every Crypto is showing limited supply of coins, but we can see 70% 80% down in value…

What ONE ECOSYSTEM is doing ?

Its vision is to change whole crypto industry, and vision to change payment system… Its focus is on only creating demand and usability of ONE supply….

If u r waiting for listing on any exchange, Its not gonna happen for many more years…
Accept the Truth

Trust the process

Exchange Will Provide Liquidity to All Members!

People get promotional tokens from education packages. After some time split takes palace and coins become double. In some cases people get double or triple splits.

So, these splits providing additional tokens for mining. During the initial launch phase difficulty was very low. So, people receive coins in huge quantity. Cost at that time was very low.

But now price is about 42.33 Euro.

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