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How to Get DSCP in my ONE Ecosystem Account?

DSCP is DealShaker Credit Point. Actually, DealShaker is an online eCommerce platform. Here products and services are promoted by discount coupon in ONE cryptocurrency.

Online shopping through e-Commerce platform is widely used worldwide. But what about those countries where crypto is banned or illegal to use or heavy tax on virtual digital asset.

ONE Ecosystem is a Swiss company and doing educational business worldwide. Through ONE Ecosystem’s OneLife education module, promotional tokens are provided for mining crypto tokens ONE.

ONE is a cryptocurrency and available to all ONE Ecosystem users either crypto is legal or illegal in their territory. So, what would be used in countries where crypto is either banned or illegal to use?

So, a new wallet known as DSCP wallet was introduced to ONE Ecosystem.

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Dear IMAs,…

Related to the fast development and greater usability of cryptocurrencies, some countries have already banned or announced this type of payment as illegal.

Our primary mission has always been to provide our members with great experience and more opportunities. At the same time, we insist our services comply with all local regulations. In that matter, we would like to present the following updates and changes to the DS platform for regions where crypto is not allowed as a payment method.


Read carefully the explanation and the particular steps below.


DSCP (DealShaker Credit Point) is not a cryptocurrency. DSCP is DealShaker Credit Point, which provides you with a specific discount on products and deals in DS.

E.g. If a product is payable with 50% ONEs and 50% fiat currency, the DSCP gives you the option to buy this product with 50% discount from the original price.


Each DS user can directly convert ONEs to DSCP at a fixed rate in their OE Network account. The exchange rate is ONE/DSCP 1.00000 . This means that 1 ONE = 1 DSCP.

E.g. if you want to buy a product with 5 ONEs, this means you need to convert 5 ONEs to 5 DSCP and place your order.


Converted ONEs to DSCPs can be found in a separate DSCP wallet, located under the “MY WALLETS” section in OE Network account. It is the second on the list, after “ONE.”
If you click on ONE wallet, you will see a field “Convert ONE to DSCP” on the right-hand side. In that field, you can put a certain number of ONEs to be converted,

E.g., 5. as is shown in the example below. Few seconds after that, the DSCPs will appear under the DSCP wallet.

Voila! After the conversion, you can proceed with your DealShaker transactions.

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