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One Ecosystem Top Up Cash Wallet Through CoinPayment

Top Up Cash Wallet and withdrawal cash is available now with your One Ecosystem custodial wallet. CashSafe can be used to grow money and DealShaker is providing products and services with OneCoin payment.

People can use OneCoin to buy OneLife education packages, Gas points with combination of fiat cash. Similarly DealShaker coupons are available to delivered products worldwide.

But the biggest issue is no one could load cash directly to their One Ecosystem custodial wallet. But just as the clouds of darkness dissipate after the night, in the same way now you can add or top up cash with Euro through OneLife wallet.

Top Up Cash With CoinPayments

The way we need our bank account to add money on cryptocurrency exchange. Similarly, to add Euros to the One Ecosystem, you will need a CoinPayment wallet. CoinPayment wallet is run by Coin Payment company.

CoinPayment wallet accept more then 2500+ cryptocurrencies along with fiat conversion and bank withdrawal feature.

You can add any country currency to this digital wallet and transfer your OneEcosystem account from here with very small 0.5% transaction fee. After loading cash to you wallet, you can use your Euro in CashSafe and DealShaker for growing funds and buying coupons with OneCoin payment.

Benefits of Top Up Cash Wallet

  • It will save time to add Euro.
  • Transaction fee will be very less as here only point 0.5% transaction fee is charged.
  • The need to email the company to buy a new ID PIN will be eliminated.
  • Cash deposit and withdrawal will become very easy as you can now with the help of your digital wallet.
  • More business and merchants will join the platform.
  • New investors will connect with One Ecosystem family.
  • Merchants moving 1 step forward with this new features.

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