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Pros and Cons of Studying Computer Engineering

Technological advances and end-to-end robotics, among other things, have made the figure of the computer scientist more and more relevant. Whereas a few years ago their work could be reduced to the tasks of office automation, i.e. installing operating systems, today everyone understands that their work goes beyond that.

The profile of the computer scientist has become so broad and dynamic that he or she is now ubiquitous. In a world increasingly dominated by computers and the Internet, computer engineers are in high-demand.

Pros and Cons of Studying Computer Engineering

If you compare a university degree in Computer Engineering to other degrees, such as Medicine or Law, the degree certainly does not have such a long history behind it. However, today this degree has become very popular and in-demand. If you are going for a degree in Computer Engineering but are still in doubt, this will interest you! Professionals from the EssayAssistant company will tell you about its advantages and disadvantages to make your decision easier.

The advantages of getting a degree in Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering has many advantages. Here are the most interesting ones:

  • It’s a career with a great outlook for the future. Technological advances, the development of artificial intelligence, robotics, or even the advent of big data, for
    example, have a lot to do with it. It will take professionals who know how to develop and work in these fields.
  • Computer engineers have the highest percentage of employment. According to the National Institute of Statistics, 72% of graduates in this profession have permanent employment contracts.
  • Due to the high demand for these professionals, students can find jobs before they graduate. You can take advantage of academic and/or extracurricular internships throughout your studies to make your first steps into the job market. In addition, most companies end up hiring students for internships.
  • This degree is designed to train professionals with diverse and versatile backgrounds. The degree program covers many areas, so the study of it does not limit the student from the beginning. Thus, engineers receive a wide range of training and can easily adapt to a variety of work scenarios.
  • The qualifying score is relatively low. In most cases, it is between 5 and 7 points out of 14, which makes it easier to access the degree program.

The Disadvantages of getting a degree in Computer Engineering

As for disadvantages, the following stand out:

  • Theory dominates practice, at least for the first two years of study. If we look at the curriculum, we find a lot of math subjects (Math 1 and 2, discrete math). Also, many of them have a theoretical foundation (Computer Fundamentals, Physical Fundamentals, Information Systems, and Technology).
  • Because of what we just mentioned, it can happen that when a student gets started in a company, they feel that they have not been prepared for many of the usual applications and tools in the world of work. For example, code version control, requirements management, or continuous integration.
  • This program requires a good attitude of the teacher regarding the updating of the academic contents as well as a willingness to do so.
  • Training centers must have up-to-date equipment and materials. In this way, the learning tools and content being taught will be adapted to the professional circumstances of the moment.
  • This degree has a high dropout rate of about 25% in the first year. This is because many enter with a preconceived notion of computer science. And at the end of the day, it’s still engineering, which has physics and math and a theoretical component in the early years.


As you can see, this degree has many benefits. However, there are also disadvantages. It’s important to consider both because that way you won’t create false expectations about the degree and your possible future career.

With all of this in mind, would you like to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering, what appeals to you about this major? Share with us in the comments!

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