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Best Indian Bitcoin Wallet, Super Easy to Use in 2022

The cryptocurrency business is the most profitable, reliable, and secure source on the Internet. Bitcoin can be stored in a wallet online or offline. This Bitcoin wallet is used to store, exchange, trade, and swap cryptocurrency with crypto, fiat, service, and commodity.

The United States was the first in the world to issue official guidelines for trading the cryptocurrency bitcoin on the exchange. And now many countries of the world have declared it as their legal currency and also legal tender.

The main reason behind this is the blockchain technology, which makes bitcoin the most transparent and secure. There is a lot of discussion going on in India about cryptocurrency.

At first, there used to be a dispute on whether the Government of India would declare cryptocurrency legal or not. But now the present government has clarified a lot of things by imposing a 30% tax and 1% TDS on it.

New investors and traders residing in India are very worried about cryptocurrency trading and the tax on it. That’s why today we will tell you about the best bitcoin wallet in India.

With which you can easily trade your cryptocurrencies or store them in your bitcoin wallet.

Best Indian Bitcoin Wallet

Difference Between Exchange And Wallets.

Binance Wallet

Binance is one of the most used cryptocurrency exchanges in the world as well as in India. This exchange can be used for trading, Airdrop, IDO, Staking, Lending Holding, and many more earning opportunities.

Here you have to connect your bank account or debit card, or credit card with exchange and deposit funds for trading and staking.

A Binance wallet is a type of Desktop wallet. You can use it for trading and any other use after completing KYC.

Here from time to time you also get to see cryptocurrency trading contacts, using which you can earn a lot of cryptocurrency for free.

Here, You get the option to deposit and withdraw from Indian banks.

WazirX Bitcoin Wallet

WazirX wallet is a big project, and later it was acquired by the Binance. Now any user can do trading, and deposit, withdraw with this wallet. Here you have to do your KYC with Pan Card and Address Proof ID card.

WazirX transaction fee is 0.2% on exchange trade. If you pay WazirX for trading, then the fee will be half then the current rates. It will then be like 0.1% on each trade.

More than 400 cryptocurrencies are supported here, and you can buy and keep your coins here for any length of time. This exchange has closed its stacking option for some time, so you get the option to earn money from here only by trading.

Here, You get the option to deposit and withdraw from Indian banks.

Try WazirX Wallet

CoinDCX Bitcoin Wallet

CoinDCX is one of the second largest cryptocurrency exchanges in India. This exchange is used to lend and leverage trading. Along with this, people can stake, and hold, their coins with multiple features.

CoinDCX supports a large number of coins, except the WazirX exchange. The trading fee on the CoinDCX wallet is about 0.1 to 0.5% depending upon the type of trading.

Here, You get the option to deposit and withdraw from Indian banks.

Try CoinDCX Wallet

Flitpay Wallet

Flit pay is another Bitcoin wallet becoming popular slowly. The trading fee is very low. The trading interface of this exchange is very simple and easy to use. I love Flitpay for trading, and transferring funds from Bank to other cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Trust Wallet, etc.

Here, You get the option to deposit and withdraw from Indian banks.

Check the super-easy Flitpay Wallet.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in India

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