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How To Credit Euro To OneLife Cash Account

One Ecosystem updated the DealShaker fee for buying deal coupons from the DealShaker platform. Due to the fee requirement, merchants are in trouble buying coupons. Because there is no option available to deposit EURO to the cash account.

Hence, they are seeming helpless for buying amazing deals of 40% discount coupons in ONE for buying cars and tractors. But nothing is impossible in the world. If there is a will, there is a way to solve the problems coming towards us.

Today! Through this post, I will tell you how to credit Euro to the OneLife cash account directly from the company for buying coupons from the DealShaker platform.

How To Credit Euro To OneLife Cash Account

Contact to Support Team

Merchants should contact the support team and state their issue regarding the Euro deficiency for buying cars and other deals coupons. Support email is given below:

Send Email Message

Send an email to the company regarding your need to buy coupons from the DealShaker platform. Email should be in this format:

Subject: Performa Invoice Credit Euro to OneLife Cash Balance

Dear Sir!

I am a OneLife IMA and DealShaker merchant. My DealShaker ID or OneLife ID is #XXXXXXXXXX and my username is this. I want to purchase a deal coupon from the DealShaker platform from the following link:…………

But I don’t have a sufficient Euro or Fiat cash balance in my OneLife wallet. And I am unable to get help from the up line as they are not available in the network now.

So, please send me the payment link or invoice regarding Euro credit to my cash account to proceed with my deal coupon. It will be a great support for me.

Thank You So Much!
One Ecosystem # ID:

Wait For The Response

Once you will send a message to the company, you will get an immediate response from the automated system. Within 24 to 48 days, you will get a response from the support team. They will send you the invoice as well as the BTC payment address regarding your requirement.

Deposit Funds To The Invoice

Once, you receive the invoice link. Immediate transfer funds to the company. As soon as your funds will be received by the company, they will credit the same amount of Euro balance to your cash account.

Now Purchase Deal Coupon

In this way! You will be able to credit EURO to OneLife’s cash balance. This Euro balance will help you to buy coupons from the DealShaker platform. And in this way, you will be able to enjoy your dream car ride with the help of OneCoin cryptocurrency.

How To Credit Euro To OneLife Cash Account Video

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