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Best Risk Free Investment For 2022

Investment or risk-free investment is one of the ultimate solutions to increase our financial wealth and face the challenge of upcoming inflation. Actually, it is very difficult to increase our earnings compared to increasing our wealth or asset over time with smart investment schemes.

How does Investment work for Us?

Investment means we put our money to work for a third party, and we get rewards for that in terms of investment. Suppose you save, 10000 per month from your monthly salary. Now, these 10,000 will remain as a ’tis over time.

But if you will open a savings account in any bank, you will deposit your 10,000 in your bank account. Then you will get 3% to 5% annual interest on your savings. In this way, you put your money in the bank and the bank gives you interest on your savings.

Best Risk Free Investment

There are so many investment plans available in the market to invest and grow financially. But the problem age be don’t know how to invest and where to invest properly.

I have seen many people invest in the stock market, and they lose their hard money within a few months. And finally, they blame the stock market doesn’t work. Actually, there is no no-fault that there is the fault of the individual who you work with without learning.

Stock market or any other market like forex market Crypto market required skills and expertise in that particular field.

But don’t worry, today I will tell you the complete process for everyone so that you can invest without skill and be 100% risk-free as well as with your skills and funds.

And finally, I will tell you the process of how you can get 200% returns on your investment without investing a single penny. So if you want to continue, then go ahead.

100% risk-free investment for every individual

So my dear friend if you don’t have any investment knowledge or skills. Then don’t feel bad because today I will tell you so many different ways to invest and earn a significant amount from your initial capital.

1. Government schemes (100% Risk Free Investment)

So my dear friends, if you don’t want to take risks with your hard-earned money. Then the best place to invest your savings is in government schemes like:

  • Saving accounts,
  • fixed deposits,
  • bonds,
  • Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana scheme,
  • national saving schemes etc.

If you invest in saving accounts in bank and post office then you will get 3 to 5% annual interest on your savings as well as you can use your money anytime you want. On the other hand, if you want some higher returns from your savings then you can use fixed deposits and other national saving schemes like Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana.

In government schemes, you can earn up to 9 to 11 % of your savings. One of the main important things about this investment is you can start with very little amount. There is no minimum limit you can start with 1000 rupees, 5000 rupees, or 10000 rupees. If you want you can go with a higher amount like 1 lakh 2 lakh 5 lakh, it completely depends on your choice.

2. Gold Investment (100% Risk Free Investment)

Gold investment is another very popular investment, or we can say risk-free investment in the market. You can check that since your childhood gold prices have continuously increased.

So you can optimize the overall benefit of gold investment. If you don’t want to purchase gold from the online market then you can purchase it physically from the jewelry store.

In the old-time, our grandparents used to store gold and silver. And definitely, they were right to save assets for their upcoming generations.

Gold investment is also not bound with investment limit you can start with very little amount like thousand rupees, 10000 rupees for 1 lakh 2 lakh 10 lakh whatever you want you can invest and grow your wealth.

3. Real State (Domestic Land And Agricultural Land) 100% Risk Free Investment

The third and most amazing investment is investing in real estate. Actually, this investment is quite costly compared to the gold investment and government schemes.

The reason behind this is it completely depends on the cellar. Actually, no one wants to sell his property in detail like 1 meter 1 square meter, or 10 square meters. This sold it with 100 square feet, 500 square feet, like this.

So here the initial investment amount becomes a little larger compared to Gold and Bank’s fixed deposit.

But this type of investment brings more value to your investment return. Suppose you purchase some land for agriculture purposes, then you will get a monthly or yearly return in terms of vegetables and the cost of your total possessing land will increase with time.

Investment with risk but higher Returns

Now we come to the next investment scheme that is an investment with risk but high returns. As you all know and be timely explain in our videos. Risk is nothing, it is the lack of research. If you do proper research and prepare yourself for that challenge, then everything will be e easy for you.

Suppose you want to invest in the stock market, then you have to learn about the stock market and how the stock work.

If you look for long-term investment then you will get an EWS return compared to the traditional method like real estate and gold and government schemes.

You can get a 30% return each month if you will work perfectly with proper knowledge.

  • Stock market
  • Mutual Funds
  • Crypto investment
  • Startup

Investment with time and very less money but more than 200 % return

My dear friend if you don’t have money to invest, and also you don’t have technical knowledge regarding the stock market and mutual funds, and Crypto market. Then in this case you have to work on yourself.

Just start learning from the books, from the experts, from the institutes, and collect more and more knowledge. You can take professional courses and live classes regarding the stock market, web development, content writing, software development, blockchain, NFT, etc.

When you will prepare yourself professionally, then you can start with your skill, and you will get lifetime earnings from your skills in terms of paying service to others.

You will invest very little amount on your skills like you are taking a short term diploma then it will cost around 10 to 20000 but this diploma will give you a professional expertise regarding a particular topic and you can use your skills and knowledge professionally by solving the problems of society.

Suppose you learn basic diploma course from YouTube regarding video editing, it may cost around 2000 to 5000. After a successful video editing course, you can start selling your expertise.

Video editing is in user demand and a normal person who learns basic video editing and advanced video editing can earn up to 210 lakh from his expertise.

So if you don’t have much money, e if you don’t have higher skills and studies, then you start focusing on your learning. Skill development is the best investment for the person who doesn’t have money and skills.

This skill development investment will give you 200% returns each and every time you will sell your expertise.

100% Risk Free Investment Without Money is learning. Check here:

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