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What Are WazirX Holding Charges in 2021-22

WazirX Holding Charges: WazirX is India’s best cryptocurrency exchange that offers BTC, USDT, WRX, and INR pair trading with multiple cryptocurrencies. Indians can deposit INR money directly from Bank account through Netbanking, UPI, P2P, and Mobikwik wallet.

Other Stable coins and Crypto can be added from different wallets like Trust Wallet, Metamask, Trezor, etc to the WazirX exchange. Funds added to the WazirX exchange can be used for trading, transferring to other exchanges, and holding for a long time to gain returns on buying price.

WazirX charges a 0.2% trading fee when we trade any fiat or crypto on it. There is an option to reduce the trading fee by 50% by checking the option of pay with WRX.

So, WazirX charges a trading fee of 0.2% on each order execution, it is clear. But does WazirX charge any holding fee, it is a common question among all the new traders.

Suppose, someone purchased ETH coins at a price of 3,00,000 INR. And he decides to sell his ETH after 5 years. Then what are the charges for holding ETH on WazirX exchanges?

So, today we will solve all these questions related to the WazirX Holding charges. Let’s See:

WazirX Holding Charges


As per the official statement made by WazirX CEO Nischal Shetty, “There are no WazirX Holding Charges for storing cryptocurrency and INR fiat currency with WazirX wallet”.

Only trading fee is applicable from the traders. And Bank changes their banking fee while withdrawing or depositing funds to the exchange. It depends upon the banks and mode of payment like UPI, Netbanking, and Mobikwik.


For how many years I can hold my Crypto on Wazirx and do I need to pay any charges for that?

WazirX users can hold their crypto on WazirX wallet for as many years as they want. There is no holding limit from the exchange officials. Also, not a single penny will be charged from the holders.

Does Wazirx need internet connection while selling?

It is a very interesting question but has very information. WazirX is a website on the internet and an application on the play store. Internet and play store both required an internet connection to be in function.
So, if you want to place a buy and sell order on WazirX it will require an Internet connection. Once, your order is placed, remove your internet. Order will execute automatically. because the WazirX server is live and the Website is running live on the internet.

How many attempts to deposit in Wazirx?

There are only 3 attempts to deposit funds.

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