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Bitcoin Price Could Reach 65000 December 2022 [ 90% Hold ]

After bad and repeated news from China, We estimate the Bitcoin price could reach 65000 US Dollars by the end of December 2021. Bitcoin price is very sensitive.

Despite its own demand and supply, the bitcoin price is also influenced by news from countries like China. They have done the same many times in the past.

But now it doesn’t have much impact on investors. All investors hold it when the price falls. And people sell their Bitcoin on next price hike and after making a Good profit from their investment.

Past Bitcoin Price Analysis, 2021

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We will not go into the deep past Bitcoin. Just start from the current 2021 beginning. In the first 2 quarters, Bitcoin price moves from $20000 to $50000. And the same pattern was followed by the top Altcoins like ETH, Cardano, Binance Exchange Coin BNB, etc.

But in the 3rd quarter price start falling down. Once bitcoin fall below $20000. But recovering very well. Again, China banned cryptocurrency transactions. So, the price falling down.

Future Bitcoin Price Analysis

As per the expert prediction, in Quarter 4 Bitcoin Price will surge again. According to an estimate, this time the price of bitcoin can cross around $65000.

Almost all experienced players invest their money in bitcoin during the recession. And all the people are waiting for good profits. Those who had made such investment in the new project have also got the result of their investment.

If experts are to be believed, then everyone is advising to invest money only in a trusted cryptocurrency like bitcoin.

How Bitcoin Price Could Reach $65000?

This year by December 2021 the value of bitcoin cryptocurrency may cross around 65000 US dollars ( Bitcoin Price Could Reach $65000 ). We are making this prediction based on an experienced analysis.

As we all know, China repeatedly bans bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But after some time all the things were returned to the market again. Beginners and less experienced investors sold their cryptocurrency at loss.

But now all people are aware of it and taking decisions on their own analysis. They know Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

At this recession time, almost 90% of investors are holding their Bitcoins. So, demand and supply is not fluctuated so much by China policy.

Conclusion [ Bitcoin Price Could Reach $65000 ]

  1. Bitcoin is the most reliable than other Altcoins.
  2. Investors are out of China Bans policy fear.
  3. 90% of Investors are holding Bitcoin cryptocurrency during market recession.
  4. People are more aware and educated now.
  5. Demand is continuously increasing as people buying on low price.

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