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Why WazirX And Binance Price Difference Explanation 2021

If you are actively working on WazirX exchange and Binance cryptocurrency exchange, then you may have noticed WazirX and Binance price differences. Suppose the USDT price on WazirX is 77.52 INR then at the same time USDT price on Binance will be 76.33 or 77.98 INR or something else.

But I am sure it will not be the same on both exchanges at the same time. Why this happened we will explain in detail here.

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WazirX And Binance Price Difference

Wazirx is an Indian-based cryptocurrency exchange. Here we can trade with BTC, USDT, WRX, and INR pairs. The price of a particular coin like ADA will be different for each pair.

Suppose you are trading ADA with USDT then the price may be 110 INR. And If you will trade INR with ADA then the price may be 112 or less. But it will not be the same on all pairs.

Binance is an international cryptocurrency exchange. ADA coin can be traded with multiple pairs on the Binance exchange. The price of ADA on each exchange pair is different from each other.

In the same Wazirx and Binance price difference is also not negligible.

Why We See WazirX And Binance Price Difference

Different users on different exchanges trade coins at different prices. Binance is a global exchange. And have huge trading volume. Binance has multiple buyers and sellers at the same time.

In the same way, the WazirX exchange has less trading volume. The fetch price from Binance and this price go up and down by the placed order by users.

Binance trading orders are executed by the users placing buying and selling orders. But WazirX price is extracted from Binance and it executes the buying and selling order by this price fluctuation.

Real-time price is declared by the order executed on the exchange. And different users have different orders. That’s by we see a minor difference between the price on WazirX and Binance exchanges.


WazirX and Binance Price difference: Different users place buying and selling orders on different levels. Hence we see a minor difference. This was our brief analysis. I hope you like it.

If you have any suggestions then please leave us a comment, we will answer them very soon.

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