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20+ Best Bitcoin Wallet Australia 2021 [ Buying Sell Store ]

Bitcoin Wallet and cryptocurrency gaining more attention worldwide. Buying, storing, and earning Bitcoin cryptocurrency through a wallet is becoming a trend nowadays. At the same time, online security should be our primary concern in bitcoin transactions in Australia.

After all, Bitcoin is the most reliable virtual currency but has the same value as real fiat currency. We can send payments, buy products and services with Bitcoins. As we store our fiat currency in banks, similarly our Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are stored in crypto wallets.

There are many ways to store cryptocurrency but most secured wallets are very few. We should take special care in selecting the best Bitcoin wallet. In Australia, there are many Bitcoin exchange wallets.

I am sharing the list of the best Bitcoin wallets in Australia.

List of Best Bitcoin Wallet In Australia

1. Coinjar Bitcoin Wallet

Coinjar is one of the fastest-growing Bitcoin wallets in Australia. They accept payments in Australian currency for trading with other altcoins. Also, CoinJar is originally based in Australia, they comply with Australian transaction terms and conditions.

Also, Coinjar has some local fiat support. You can buy Bitcoin in Australia with the best Bitcoin wallet. Buy Bitcoin in Australia from the CoinJar Bitcoin Wallet.

2. Coinbase Australia

Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets to buy and sell cryptocurrency worldwide. You can deposit, withdraw, store, stake, and earn Bitcoin in Australia through Coinbase exchange.

Also, Coinbase has 0 deposit and withdrawal fees for its users. Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet

3. Exchange Wallet exchange is one of the fastest-growing exchanges in Australia. You can buy, store, and hold cryptocurrencies with a wallet. Staking is very profitable at this Bitcoin wallet.

4. Exodus Wallet

Exodus wallet is a desktop programming to store and transfer cryptocurrency online and offline as well. Along with this, you can make your own security layer at this Bitcoin wallet.

Exodus wallet supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies to storing and earning revenue from them.

Exodus Bitcoin Wallet

5. Ledger Bitcoin Wallet

Ledger is an offline cryptocurrency wallet. It is similar to the ordinary pen drive device with a USB port to connect with Laptop and Desktop. You can store top coins like Bitcoin, ETH, Litecoin, TRON, and many more with Ledger wallet.

Ledger wallets can be used to buy and sell coins directly by connecting them to the exchange. Or you may transfer coin to the exchange wallet by the contact address.

6. Trezor Wallet

Trezor wallet is another popular cryptocurrency wallet to store Bitcoin in Australia. You can connect this wallet and can transfer coins to exchange. Online exchange wallets can be hacked by hackers.

But wallets like Trezor, Ledger are completely safe. Because you can keep them offline after transfer funds into them.

7. Binance Bitcoin Wallet

Binance Bitcoin wallet world’s top and trusted bitcoin wallet in Australia and the whole world. Binance Bitcoin wallet supports more than 270+ cryptocurrencies. You can store and stake Bitcoin along with other currencies.

8. OKEX Bitcoin Wallet

OKEX Bitcoin wallet is the most reliable bitcoin wallet. It can be used to buy bitcoin from AUD and other fiat currencies. They offer many earning options and a highly secure interface to the users.

If you are in Australia and looking to buy Bitcoin then I would like to recommend this OKEX Bitcoin wallet.

9. CoinTree Bitcoin Wallet

CoinTree is the leading Bitcoin wallet in Australia. Most of the new investors are buying Bitcoin and other ALTCOINs with the Cointree Bitcoin wallet in Australia. You can deposit Australian AUD directly to the CoinTree exchange. And then place a sell order with BTC.

In this way, your AUD will be converted into Coin Tree Bitcoin wallet.

Now you can trade them with other currencies to earn huge passive income. Also, you can stake Bitcoin to earn risk-free in Australia with CoinTree exchange.

10. Easy Crypto Bitcoin Wallet

Easy crypto has a very simple interface to buy and sell Bitcoin in Australia. They have less cryptocurrency storage capacity. But Easy crypto Bitcoin wallet is completely safe and secure to buy, hold and sell crypto.

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