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The ElonGate coin is real or fake Analysis 4 You

ElonGate coin is real or fake it is very tricky question. But I have very simple answer about it. And if you will follow all my points then you will realize the reality of ElonGate coin and some similar projects.

Let’s see some history about ElonGate Coin.

ElonGate coin is a meme token based on Binance Smart Chain contract address. Some details of this coin are given below:
Contact Address: 0x2A9718defF471f3Bb91FA0ECEAB14154F150a385

It came to attention when ElonMusk tweet about this. People start investing in this coin seeing the future related with Dogecoin.

ElonMusk Tweet

If there is scandal about me called it ELonGate. We know this tweet is in negative sense but people are just mad for ElonMusk.

The ElonGate coin is real or fake

Kimble Musk Tweet

We get to know that Kimble Musk is directly related to the ELonGate coin. Check the recent tweet.

Here from the above two pictures it is clear that ElonGate coin is somewhere related to ElonMusk family. Because ElonMusk brother KimbalMusk is also tweeting about this coin.

Along with this we have some more proofs.

The ElonGate coin is real or fake See Proof


Elongate coin has a proper whitepaper. Along with this there is two official website where we can see complete roadmap and their vision. They are serving Society for charity.

This organization help poor children to feed and shelter and education. They has a great reason behind their project.

Complete information about any project is given through white paper. Like what is the purpose of starting this project, at what time in this project what incident happened and who are the people working behind it.

Secondly, it means that whoever starts any of his projects has a visionary thinking. Based on that, a roadmap for the future is prepared. All the people who come to the market to cheat, they do not have any such roadmap.

Real Community

Most of the scam projects does not reveal their leaders face. They only work from backend and collect the money. After this the cheat all the investors and runaway.

But in case of ElonGate everyone is open for public with their social profile.

The ElonGate coin is real or fake

Lorenzo Andree, Hasan Aziz, and Alexander Gambon all top leader or owner revel their social linkedin profile on ELonGate website.

If they were planning to scam the people then their social address should be hide. And these guys don’t even show you their real face yet. This proves that this project is completely true.

And no one will be deceived by us in the coming future. Success or failure of any project is one thing, but having proof of its veracity is another thing. And here we get full proof of its veracity, then we can trust it blindly.

The ElonGate coin is real or fake Conclusion

Elongate coin is completely real cryptocurrency. They serve the society for charity purpose. Also, they help poor people.

Along with this they are completely transparent towards their investors. Hence the ElonGate coin is real.

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