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How To Signup For Polkastarter IDO [ Join Pool ]

In this article, we are covering four main topics “How to signup for Polkastarter IDO”, “How to use Polkastarter IDO” “How to join PolkaStarter pool”, and “How to get into Polkastarter IDO”.

Our main title topic includes:

  • How to signup for PolkaStarter IDO
  • How to use PolkaStarter IDO
  • IDO Whitelist Meaning
  • How to join or get into PolkaStarter pool

Whenever a new crypto project launches in the market they raise funds from the public through a private sale. For initiating private sales they offer IDO for whitelisting the investors.

The initial investment allows investors to buy coins at a very low price. It is quite similar to the IPO of the share market. If you are thinking that anyone can take part in this private sale. Then you are wrong. There is a complete standard tech IDO process. Only whitelisted wallet holders can take part in pre-launch sales.

IDO Whitelisting Meaning

Any company has its own standards. If investors fulfill all their standard tech IDO criteria. Then PolkaStarter IDO platform whitelists the wallet holders to buy coins before launching on any exchange.

IDO whitelist meaning is allowing users to buy coins before launching on exchange, after checking their complete KYC and wallet address.

How to Signup For PolkaStarter IDO

Dear viewers first of all we have to check for the current active pool on PolkStarter. If no pool is active the wait for upcoming pool timing and prepares things to be selected for joining a pool.

Requirement for Joining PolkaStarter IDO Pool

  1. Must have a MetaMask Crypto Wallet
  2. The wallet should be charged with a 2500 Pols token.
  3. User Must Have an account on Twitter and Telegram.
  4. National ID for KYC Verification.

Check Active And Upcoming Pool on PolkaStarter

How to Join PolkaStarter Pool

Step 1. Register Yourself

If pool is active then click on register link. If pool is not active then wait for the given time and when register button become active then click on register.

Enter your personal details like Name, Address and social media address.

Step 2. Do KYC

Now upload your Identity documents like Passport, National ID, etc for address verification. Upload selfi for identity verification.

Step 3. Enter Wallet Address

When you will complete your KYC. You will be asked to enter your wallet address for IDO whitelisting. If the project is launching on the Ethereum blockchain then you have given your Ethereum Wallet address.

If the project is launching on Binance Smart Chain then give your BNB Smart Chain address. Likewise, If the project has another launching blockchain like Tron or Polygen then provide that particular address.

Go to your MetaMass wallet. Select a particular coin like Ethereum, BNBSC, Tron, Polygon required for the project. Click on receive button and you will be asked to copy a code. Paste this code to the PolkaStarter website.

Step 4. Buy Coins

Keep contunie watching your email. If you are selected for joining IDO through pool you will receive an email with complete instruction. Just follow the instruction and buy the tokens you are selected for that.

So, this was the complete process how to signup for PolkaStarter IDO for joining pool and buy coin through private sale.

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