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How To Deposit And Withdraw Funds From Wazirx

WazirX Deposit And Withdraw Funds: WazirX is the best cryptocurrency exchange in India. You can see live trading charts from with proper customization like candles, zig-zag, etc. WazirX exchange is own by the most popular Binance cryptocurrency exchange. Binance is the parent company of WazirX exchange.

You can trade cryptocurrencies in India with INR pair. And Indian currency can be deposited to WazirX through a bank transfer within 10 minutes. So, you don’t need to buy Bitcoins, and any other Altcoins by the P2P method for trading cryptocurrencies in India.

Today in this post I will tell you how to deposit and withdraw funds from WazirX exchange to your bank account. So, let’s see everything step by step.

Deposit and Withdraw Funds From WazirX

1. How To Deposit INR in WazirX?

First of all login to WazirX. If you don’t have an account then signup for that. And submit your KYC documents.

After this go to funds option at

How To Deposit And Withdraw Funds From Wazirx
Deposit And Withdraw Funds

There will be some available payment option in front of you for depositing money. Select the available method to deposit money from your bank account. I have marked all available option with right tick mark check the below image for reference.

Deposit and Withdraw Funds From WazirX

1.1 Deposit With IMPS, RTGS & NEFT

When you will select first option WazirX will ask you to enter your account details. Just enter your account number, bank detail, and payee information.

After this you will see WazirX account details in front of your screen.

WazirX Account Detail:

Beneficiary Name:This is the virtual name given to you by Exchange
Bank NameICICI Bank
Account Number17 digit Virtual Account Number will be given
IFSC CodeICIC0000104
Account TypeCurrent

Add these WazirX account detail with your bank as a payee after Payee confirmation deposit funds to your

1.2 WazirX Account Detail

Deposit And Withdraw Funds From Wazirx Account Number Detail

1.3 WazirX minimum deposit INR

Minimum 100 rupees can be deposit to the WazirX exchange. There is no maximum deposit limit on exchange. You can deposit as much as you want as per your bank account limit.

If your current account allow you to deposit 1 crore then you can deposit this amount.

1.4 How Long it Will Take To Reflect Your Balance in Funds?

First time deposit can take up to 10-30 minutes time to reflect your deposit amount in your funds. This is because of initial verification by the exchange and banking system.

After this your money will be reflect instantly because after first time deposit you became a verified user.

Pro Tips: I will suggest you to deposit minimum 100 rupees first time. As you may make any mistake and minimum deposit will prevent you from huge sudden loss.

2. How To Withdraw Money From WazirX to Bank Account?

WazirX withdrawal process is very simple just like deposit money. In this process first of all click on funds and then withdrawal.

  • Click on funds.
  • In front of Rupees (INR) click withdraw.
  • Now it will reflect your verified account number and will ask you to enter the withdrawal amount and remark.
  • Enter the amount to withdraw( like 10500, 50000, etc whatever you want).
  • Now enter OTP received on your registered mobile number.
  • Approve this transaction from an email received at your email address.
  • Within 10 minutes your money will be deposited into your bank account.

you will see such kind of interface in front of your screen
Your account number, IFSC code, and Account Type information will be visible.

Below at INR Amount option enter the amount you want to withdraw from the wazir. Like I have entered 10000 in this box. If you want to withdraw all money then tick at this green Withdraw All wors.

In the next box type any remarks like anything yo want to remember or trace your payment. And then click on the withdraw button.

Now it will ask you to cnfirm the payment along with the transaction fee alert. As you can see in this box there is a notification regarding INR 10 will be charged while transfer money to bank account.

After this an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number with WazirX account.

Enter this OTP and click on the authenticate button. It is a quite simple process. You will see such kind of interface when entering your OTP.

Now a popup will shown to you for checking your email and approve the withdrawal. If you will not approve this your money will keep on hold.

Open the email and click on the message received from the WazirX. There you will see a button saying Approve this withdrawal. Click on that button. It will give you a withdrawal confirmation.

How To Withdraw Money From WazirX to Bank Account

If you receive this popup message means your money withdrawal request is successful. Now you will get an alert from your bank regarding amount credit to your bank account.

How To Withdraw Money From WazirX to Bank Account

2.1 WazirX INR withdrawal limit

There are some withdrawal limit on WazirX account. In a single day only 50 lakhs can be withdrawal from wazirX account. You will be charged Rs 10 for IMPS and rupees 5 on NEFT withdrawal.

IMPS Withdrawal Limit: You can withdraw up to 2 lakh at a single withdrawal. In 24 hours maximum of 50 lakhs can be withdrawal.
NEFT Withdrawal Limit: Maximum of 10 lakhs per tranaction can be withdrawal from NEFT.

2.2 WazirX minimum inr withdrawal

Minimum 100 rupees can be withdrawal from the exchange.

2.4 WazirX withdrawal time

WazirX offer 24X7 withdrawal fascility for their customers through IMPS, RTGS, UPI, Netbanking.

3. How to withdraw BTC from WazirX to bank account?

If you want to withdraw BTC from WazirX to your bank account then you have to follow the basic steps stated belo in short:

  • Trade your BTC with INR.
  • Now your BTC balance will be converted to an INR balance.
  • Now click on the INR Withdraw option.
  • Follow all steps about how to withdraw funds from WazirX in heading 2.
  • Click on Withdrawal in front of INR
  • Check Account number and enter amount and remark.
  • Now Confirm payment for OTP.
  • Authenticate OTP and check email.
  • Approve transaction from the email received.
  • Wait for a successful transfer popup message.

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